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Imbali Group was formed in 2018 with its main purpose to provide the market with a turn-key fuel solution.

During 2019 a wholesale license in terms of the Petroleum Products Amendment Act No 58 of 2003 was granted to Imbali.

This ensured that Imbali Group had everything they needed to offer the market the turn-key fuel solution they envisioned.

Imbali group opened their first storage facility in the Western Cape in 2019 and is looking to acquire various other storage facilities across Southern Africa in the coming years. 

Imbali Ice became part of the Imbali Group of Companies in March 2021. Providing the market quality products in small quantities or wholesale quantities at competitive prices.

Imbali Group recently added Imbali Media to it`s family. Imbali Media specialises in Social Media Marketing, Video creation, Content Creation and Branding.

"Our business philosophy is based on service, on-time delivery, customer & marketing relationships, best in class supply logistics, competitive pricing, backed by a transparent & professional approach."

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