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Imbali Construction

Civil Works
Installations &

Imbali Group specialize in the petroleum industry. Imbali Group is strategically equipped to plan and execute construction of convenience store building, structural steel installations for building structures, pump and tank installations, civil and earthworks, electrical installations, building of manholes and mechanical installations, etc.

Our experienced technicians and engineers install underground and above ground tanks and fuel systems for commercial and industrial applications across Southern Africa.

Services we offer:

  • Installation of UST’s / pumps ( underground storage tanks)

  • Installation of A/G tanks / pumps

  • Installation of pipe work

  • Installation of syphon systems

  • Installation of spill – proof systems – containment sumps

  • Installation of BTF / farm tanks interconnected

  • Construction of bund walls

  • Installation of power / computer cables

  • Installation of compressed air points

  • Installation of all sleeving on forecourt to P.O.S.

  • Cut, break and replace concrete as per required standards

  • Cast of containment slabs

  • Cast of concrete slabs on forecourts

  • Uplifting and relaying of pavements

  • Tiling work

  • Building of manholes

  • Building of islands

  • Compaction testing (DCP testing)

  • Construction of crash barriers

  • Pump change – overs

  • Repairs to submersible pumps (STP)

  • Replacements of submersible pumps (STP)

  • Replacement of faulty leak detectors

  • Pressurizing of delivery lines / suction lines

  • Replacement of any faulty fittings

  • Vacusonic testing of UST’s ( underground storage tanks)

  • Pumping out of water / fuel

  • Replacement of underground pipe work

  • Treatment of contaminated Diesel fuel

  • Filtration of UST’s ( underground storage tanks)

  • Installation of Id Collars / Dip caps and filler caps – General Maintenance

  • Repairs to Diesel pump sets (A/G tanks)

  • Installation of separators

  • Installations of sump pumps

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